Reading Fair Project Guidelines



Project due date:  March 1, 2017


Storyboards:  Storyboards will be constructed on a tri-fold project board, the same type that is traditionally used for science fairs.  These boards will be provided for the students.  An example will be placed on the Midtown Elementary School website for you to view.


1st and 2nd Grade Guidelines:

1.  Title

2.  Author

3.  Publisher & Publication Date

4.  Setting-place and time of story

5.  Main Characters

6.  Conflict-the problem in the story

7.  Solution or Resolution-how the problem is resolved


3rd-5th Grade Guidelines:

1. Title
2. Author
3. Publisher & Publication Date
4. Setting-place and time of story
5. Main Characters
6. Plot Summary-brief summary of the story (not a retelling)
7. Conflict-the problem in the story
8. Solution or Resolution-how the problem is resolved
9. Author's Purpose-why the author wrote the story (to entertain, inform, persuade)
10. Tone or Mood-the tone affects the feelings of the reader or how the author wants the reader to feel when reading the story