2016-17 Let's Wash Away Bullying!

Dojo Points!
Teachers are using Class Dojo this year to award points for following our school's expectations (Be ready, respectful, and responsible). These points will be used for a "bash" every 2 weeks! Parents and students can log in to their Dojo accounts on computers, tablets and smartphones. Contact your teacher for information.

SWPBS Bashes have changed this year!

Instead of waiting an entire 9-weeks to reap the rewards of good behavior, our SWPBS Team decided to do a "bash" every 2 weeks!  Check out the fun and ask your kids about their Dojo points.

This Year's School-Wide Positive Behavior Theme Focuses On Washing Away Bullying!

Midtown Elementary School has three school-wide rules

1. Be Respectful

2. Be Responsible

3. Be Ready


                                         School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS)

SWPBS is a comprehensive positive approach that is nationally recognized, researched-based, and designed to enhance the capacity of schools in establishing school-wide rules and expectations in an effort to reduce the number of discipline problems and promote a safe and positive learning environment.

Be Wise And Make Good Decisions!



MTES has dedicated significant attention to systematically teaching students the expected behaviors. All teachers will base their classroom expectations around these three rules. Students will participate in lessons at the beginning of the school year to learn what these rules mean in all areas of the school. Teachers will continue the discussion with what these rules look like in their classrooms and reteach the rules throughout the school year.