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March 2017  



Please add our school to your Kroger account.  The code is, 94216.  They give the school a percentage of their sales!  




Grading Policy: If your student makes a failing grade they will be able to make corrections to that paper to earn points back on their test.  The highest grade they will receive will still be a 75.  Corrections are due within 2 days of the test.  If they make a failing grade on Friday, corrections are due Monday. 


Things to remember:

Let your student do their own homework

Reading and signing the newsletter





Reading for March:

We will be practicing UNRAAVEL.  I may send a sheet home as homework for extra practice.  They will also be working on TCAP practice tests.  Many of their reading grades will come from these practices.  Please check their binders for work they have done in class.  This will give you an idea of what we are doing in the coming weeks.  

Please make sure they read every night.  They need to read their chapter books.  They can read to you, a sibling, a pet, or a stuffed animal.  I encourage them to read out loud.  It also helps them to hear you read to them. Anything works as long as they are reading! They can also read in the car rider/bus line.  


Math- please be flexible with my math schedule.  If students are struggling, I will slow down and the schedule will be adjusted. 



Week of February 27th

Monday- 271-276

Tuesday- 277-280

Wednesday- Test

Thursday- 295-298


Week of March 6th

Monday- 301-304

Tuesday- 305-308

Wednesday- Test

Thursday- 311-314


Week of March 13th

                         Spring Break


Week of March 20th

Monday- 321-326

Tuesday- 327-330

Wednesday- Test

Thursday- 349-352

Week of March 27th

Monday- 357-360

Tuesday- 361-364

Wednesday- Test

Thursday 367-372












     We are studying our 7's and will take a test over them on February 10th

Social Studies-Tennessee

Science- Heat, Sound, Magnets



Homework- I follow our homework policy and do not assign homework on Wednesday's or Friday's.  I also do not give tests on Monday's and Thursdays.  I do expect them to complete home work that is assigned to them.  If they do not bring their homework to school, they will have to sign my "I'm sorry Mrs. Hill, I didn't do my homework" binder and pull a no homework card.  This means they will have to walk a lap at recess as well.  

Dojo points code: Rhombus

(Please write the secret code in their agenda and I will give them a dojo point)  I will change the code every week.  

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