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New Music Class Website!  

Midtown has a website dedicated to our music department:  

Each week students and parents can see what will be happening the next week in music class. Choir members and their parents can also see what's coming up.

Please check it out!  

Why should children study music?  

Here's an article I found on pinterest which clearly lists the benefits of having music in a child's life.  Music in one of the few things that uses both sides of the brain simultaneously, which creates pathways for more information to flow. 

  • Music education improves math and reading skills - So many kids struggle with math and reading in school. We all want to do everything we can to boost our children’s productivity in school and help them succeed, and musical education is a great place to start! A lot of studies have shown that musical education creates neural pathways, connecting both sides of the brain, which is why it can help with math and reading skills!
  • Improves memory and listening skills – Children work on memorizing songs, and listening for their part in a musical piece, excercising great skills that they will use later in life, regardless of the profession or future interests.
  • Develops language skills – Learning to read music, is a lot like learning a new language! This can also improve their ability to learn a second, spoken language later in life.
  • Improves hand/eye coordination – The specific movements and gestures that must be done in order to play an instrument correctly greatly assist a child’s coordination and muscle control.
  • Focus - Studying music helps a child learn to focus, which can improve their test skills and concentration on future jobs.
  • Confidence – Preforming music can boost a child’s confidence and help them to overcome stage fright.
  • Creative thinking – Music Education helps a child learn to consider problems creatively and encourages them to discover multiple solutions to problems.
  • Discipline – Constantly practicing and scheduling lessons improves a child’s work ethic and teaches them patience as they must work hard to improve. These skills will be invaluable as the child grows into an adult.
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Welcome Back to Music Class!  

This semester's music classes will have fun-filled lessons that will give the students an appreciation of music, will make them feel comfortable with rhythms and movement and will expose them to different types of music.  Most importantly, music class will open their eyes to the realization that music can help them relieve stress, energize them and create memories throughout their lifetime. 



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