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About the Teacher

Hello, my name is Derrick Stewart. I am a graduate of Tennessee Tech University with a degreee in Elementary Education as well as a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. I am entering my 7th year of teaching. I will be teaching 5th grade Science and Social Studies this year at Midtown Elementary. I look forward to the 2017-2018 school year.

Recent Posts

Lesson plans 3/26-3/29

Monday: Motion
Tuesday:  Newton's Law of Gravity
Wednesday: Potential and Kinetic Energy
Thursday:  Types of heat transfer

Lesson Plans 2/26-3/2

Monday: Civil Rights Web Search
Students will research various people and events of the civil rights movement and analyze the impact it had that movement.
Tuesday: Social Studies 1950-1960
Discuss the Space Race and the presidency of John F. Kennedy
Read and identify the causes of the Vietnam War
Wednesday: The Vietnam War
Examine the battles of the war and the opinions of people at home during the war. Write a paragraph that gives your opinion on the war
Thursday: Vietnam War The Home-front Write an essay that compares and contrasts the feelings of Americans concerning our involvement in the Vietnam War
Friday: Civil Rights and Vietnam War Kahoot

2/20-2/23 Lesson Plans

Tuesday: Ch. 5 L. 3 Changes in State
Complete L. 3 Outline in pairs
Discuss outline as a class
Wednesday: Ch. 5 L. 4 Chemical Properties
Read and discuss as a class
Create a list of items and give examples of physical and chemical properties for each
Thursday: Ch. 5 Test Review
Friday: Ch. 5 Test

1/29-2/2 Lesson Plans

Monday: Ch. 4 L.2 Volcanoes
Complete Vocabulary and read lesson. Watch Video clip on Volcanoes. Begin Volcano outline
Tuesday: Ch. 4 L. 3 Earthquake
Finish volcano outline
Begin with a discussion on earthquake prior knowledge.
Next read lesson 3 in pairs then complete vocabulary and lesson review
Wednesday: Atmosphere
Discuss how our Earth's atmosphere works. Research how weather varies based on location and document your findings using ipads. Students will share their findings with the class.
TCAP Practice Day
Students will play a game that involves TCAP practice questions
Friday: 4-H

1/22-1/26 Lesson plans

Tuesday: Ch. 9 Test Review
Wednesday: Ch. 9 Test
Thursday: Science Ch. 4 L. 1 Plate Tectonics
Watch video clip on the earth's layers
Read lesson 1 and discuss the layers of the Earth
Friday: Ch. 4 L.2 Volcanoes
Complete Vocabulary and read lesson. Watch Video clip on Volcanoes. Begin Volcano outline

1/8-1/12 Lesson Plans

World War 2
Create a graphic organizer that compares the rise of fascism, totalitarianism, and Nazism in Germany, Italy and Japan, also include the prominent leaders from each country. Research will be conducted using chromebooks.
Assessment: thumbs up, questioning, research
Wednesday: The Home Front
Discuss how the civilians impacted the war as well as the use of internment camps
Pearl Harbor
Students will view various forms of media that show the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Following the media viewing the students will write a piece of yellow journalism reporting the incident as if they were there.
Map Skills
Create a map that shows major battles and alliances throughout Europe

Lesson Plans 12/4-12/8

Monday: Ch. 3 Test Review
Tuesday: Ch. 3 Test
Wednesday: The Roaring 20's
Economic Boom
Discuss the terms credit, stock market, and division of labor
Stock Exchange Activity: Students will create a product or company that students can buy shares in.
Students will be given a certain amount of money to buy shares in and have to determine which stock would be most lucrative.
Thursday: Continue Stock Activity
Friday: Change in Society in the 1920's
Discuss the effects of technology had in the 1920's
Create a graphic organizer that details the variety of technology

Lesson Plans 11/27-12/1

Monday: Science Ch. 3 Earth and Space
Watch video clip on the planets
Read and discuss L. 1
Complete vocabulary and write a paragraph using the vocabulary words.
Tuesday: Inner Planet Activity
Students will draw a model solar system that shows the inner planets based on where they are from the sun.
Wednesday: Complete L. 1 Review
Begin reading L. 2 on the outer planets
Complete the vocabulary and create a paragraph using each vocab word
Students will add Outer Planets to their drawing
Thursday: Nutcracker
Friday: Ch. 3 L. 3 Stars
Watch video clip on stars and constellations
Examine use of star charts and complete L. 3 outline

11/6-11/10 Lesson Plans

Animal Variations
Discuss how animal adaptations have varied through time
Create a diagram that list a variety of animals and their variations
Assessment: Thumbs up, questioning diagram
Tuesday: Invention Convention
Wednesday: Ch. 2 Test Review
Thursday: Ch. 2 Test
Friday: Social Studies Ch. 7 A New Role for America
Ch. 7 L. 1 The Nation Expands
Read and discuss the additions of Alaska and Hawaii as states.
Also explain the need for the Panama Canal
Complete Vocabulary and L. 1 Review 1-7

Lesson Plans 10/30-11/3

Monday:  Ch. 2 L. 2 Traits and Heredity
Begin by discussing how traits can be passed on through parents
Explore various inherited traits such as hitchhiker thumb, rolled tongue, and attached ear lobe. Identify various traits thru internet research.
Tuesday:  Ch. 2 L. 3 Animal Adaptations
Read and discuss in groups of 3
Identify examples of animal adaptations from the text
Each group will share their findings.
Wednesday:  Animal Adaptation Research
Students will use chrome books to find a variety of physical and behavioral animal adaptations.
Next students will report their findings with facts to validate
Thursday: 4-H speech practice
Friday: 4-H

Lesson Plans 10/23-10/27

Monday: Work on 4-H Speeches
Tuesday: Web research and analyze the contribution of Samuel Gompers and the American Federation of Labor and its effect on working conditions.
Wednesday: Ch. 6 test revew
Thursday: Ch. 6 Test
Friday: Invention Convention
Students will create an invention to demonstrate to the class.
Each invention must have a blueprint, explanation of how it works, and a paragraph that describes the importance of the invention.

Lesson Plans 10/16-10/20

Monday and Tuesday: We will begin working on 4-H speeches
Wednesday: Social Studies: The Machine Age
Watch Discovery Ed. video clip on important inventions of the late 1800's
Discuss concepts of monopoly and competition
Complete L. 1 vocabulary
Thursday: The Machine Age
Complete L. 1 Review
Begin Reading L. 2 on immigration
Create a chart that details why immigrants came to America and the problems they faced
Complete Vocabulary
Friday: Rise of Big Cities
Discuss the reasons people moved to larger cities
Complete L. 2-3 Reviews

Lesson Plans 10/2-10/6

Monday: War on the Plains
Discuss the conflict between settlers and Native Americans on the Plains that include Buffalo Soldiers.
List the battles of the Plains as well as the leaders and results of these conflicts.
Tuesday: Conflict on the Plains
Write a narrative piece that shows the viewpoint of a particular migrant group on The Great Plains.
Wednesday: Ch. 5 Test Review Vocabulary Due
Thursday:  Ch. 5 Test
Friday: 4-H Posters Due