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Welcome to my page! Check below to see what we are doing each week in class. 


Week of September 20-24

Math- This week we are learning about the Commutative Property and Associative Property of Multiplication. Commutative Property says that 4x3 is the same as 3x4. The Associative Property says that you can group numbers in any order when multiplying and get the same answer. Test on Thursday
Science- This week will are looking at variations in traits give some animals a better chance of survival. Test on Friday

Week of August 31- September 3rd

Math- We are working on lesson 9 in our book which covers adding and subtracting three-digit numbers. Students will bring a paper home on Thursday night to work on as a review (Even if they happen to finish it at school, they should have it so that you can go over it with them). In the meantime, please work on this skill at home. The "old fashioned" way is perfectly fine, although you might see your child use other strategies too.
Science- We are learning about animal structures and how these structures help animals survive. Students should bring home journals every night and study. I have made sure everything they need to know for the test on Thursday is in their journals.