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Check back here for current information such as links to useful website, Third grade standards and more. 

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Math Homework

I do not assign anything in class without giving students time to work on it. For my faster workers, this might mean their math does not come home. If it is finished, and all correct, it will stay at school. Otherwise it will come home. If it is in their folder, even if it is finished, it still needs to be checked over. I will mark this in agendas with an HW. If it is completely done and correct I will put a check mark next to it. This way you will know if you should be looking for it. All homework should be in that first folder behind their agenda. Please help me remind them to put it in the right place. Thank you all for all the help!

Welcome to Third Grade!

Hello everyone. I am looking forward to a great year. Please subscribe to this page to be notified when new posts are up.