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Daily Schedule

 8:20 -  8:40
Morning Routine
 8:45 -  9:15
Focus 30
 9:15 - 10:30 English Langauge Arts 
11:45 - 12:15 Math 
12:20 -12:45 Lunch
12:55 -  1:35 Recess
 1:45 -  2:30 Science or Social Studies
 2:30 - 3:00 AR Reading time
 3:00 - 3:10  Pack up 
 3:15 - 3:20  Dismissal

Recent Posts

Week of 3/19

Reading: Informational text reading skills and strategies will be our focus. Students will be looking at several types of text and comparing information they gather from both the written text and photos,graphs, or maps that may accompany it. We will also be focusing on root words, prefixes, and suffixes for language. 
Math: Students will continue with graphing in Math. We are concentrating on our 7 facts.
Social Studies: Africa will be the geography focus for the week.  

Week of 3/5

Reading: Students will be identifying the point of views of characters and narrators of stories and comparing them to their own.
Math: They will be finishing up measuring mass and then solving problems with different types of graphs.
Science: Students will learn about states of matter. They will learn more about volume and mass in this study. 

Week of 2/26/18

READING: Students will continue the lessons regarding Poetry. They will have a test over poetry vocabulary on Wednesday. Then, we will be moving on to discerning the point of view of characters in a story versus the narrator. 
MATH: Measurement will continue to be our focus. This week's focus in measuring capacity in liters and milliliters. Students will be expected to estimate capacity of different containers and solve word problems.
Social Studies: We will continue our study of South America. We are trying to use our new technology and learning how to create a slide show using Google Slides. 

Week of February 12-15

Reading: In Reading, students will be answering the question "What are dramas made of?" They need to identify what makes a drama different from other literature. In addition, they will analyze similarities and how characters can change throughout the story. We will use the mentor text Olive, My Love for our language focus for the week. Expect some fun homework this week. They will write their own mini drama using Conversation Hearts as inspiration
Math: Students will build on their understanding of telling time to the minute on an analog clock. The focus will be solving word problems about elapsed time, beginning time, and ending time. We are trying out a free online program called So far students are very motivated by it and I think it will be an extra support. They can even log in at home and review lessons at home!
Science: They will finish up the Unit on Living Things and their Environments. The final assessment will be on Thursday. This week's focus is on endangered, extinct, and thriving species. They have a hard copy of vocabulary, but it is also on Quizlet. Click on the link to study:

Week of January 29

Reading: Monday students will take a final assessment on Unit 3 in their reading book. This unit focused on informational texts and strategies to understand them. Tuesday, we will shift back to looking at literature. The next chapter will focus on figurative language in literature. They should be working on reading or rereading their book for the upcoming book fair. Next week we'll take time to do some writing for it in class. 
Math: Monday and Tuesday we will finish up lessons on comparing fractions. We will still continue to practice and apply their understanding in a spiral review. Our next unit focuses on time and measurement. Please help your child practice their fluency with multiplication and division. Our current focus is the 8 facts, but reviewing all we've learned is needed too.  
Science: We will switch to Science this week. They will be learning about living things and their environments.  Students will use the text book primarily for our next topic in addition to some videos in class. They can study vocabulary on Quizlet for a test next week. 
EXTRA CREDIT:  To add on to our study of imports, exports, and the global economy; I asked students to pay attention to where their things are produced. If they bring in a label showing where something they ate or purchased is produced they will get some extra credit added to a Social Studies grade. Some showed labels to clothing from Vietnam, China, and Honduras. We located those on a world map. 

Week of January 8

Reading: Students will begin on Lesson 9 in our Ready Reading book. They will focus on using context clues when they come across unknown words in their Reading. They will work on the same skill in Language. 
Math : Lesson 17 Understanding Equivalent Fractions I hope to only spend about 3 to 4 days on this lesson. The majority has a good grasp of identifying equivalent fractions. Our next lesson is comparing fractions, so they will be able to build on this concept. They should conitinue to work on multiplication facts. This week we are working on 4s. 
Social Studies:  Students who did not receive an A on the 50 states test will be expected to continue to work on learning them. There will be a test on Friday. We will wrap up our study of North America by studying Mexico, Central America, and Canada this week. Students who have passed the 50 states test will work on an Inventor's Project. 

Week of December 11

Students will be taking their benchmark test for the middle of the year. We use the information from their test along with classwork to help guide our intervention instruction. Our schedule will be a little off from the norm. It will be a busy week!
Reading: Students will have two assessments to see how they've built on skills from the unit. They will read two stories and answer questions regarding recounting the story, vocabulary, and determining the central message. I plan to take several days to concentrate on writing.
Math: Students will begin working with understanding equivalent fractions. So far, the majority seems to have a good understanding and have been working hard. Please continue to work on their multiplication and division facts.
Social Studies: They should be learning the 50 states on their own. We are not taking time in class to work on this memorization. Many are failing their weekly tests. Please help them study.
Science: Life Cycles and Inherited Traits will continue to be the focus of study this week. Look for another vocabulary foldable this week. There will be a final assessment on Friday or Monday of next week. 

Agenda for Week of December 4

Reading: Students will be working on determining the central message of a short story. They will be reading various fables. Some students still need to work on retelling a story with the main ideas. Have them retell you the books they are reading for AR, even if they retell one chapter. The practice really helps their thinking.
Math: All students are doing well with understanding fractions. This week we'll look at fractions on a number line. Expect some mixed practice with previous skills for homework.Please continue to practice their multiplication facts.
Social Studies: We will finish up our Government study on Tuesday with a test. They need to continue to learn the 50 states. We will test on the Midwest Region on Friday. 
Science: Students will be learning about plant and animal life cycles this week and next. Expect some homework this week. I am encouraging them to bring their books home to reread Chapter 2. 

Agenda for Week of November 27

Reading: We finished the Charlotte's Web novel last week and need to complete the lapbooks at the beginning of this week. We will dig back into Lesson 7 of the Ready Reading curriculum. The focus this week is recounting important details from myths, legends, and folktales. I hope to also begin reading aloud The Nutcracker fairy tale by E.T.A. Hoffman. We will not have time to complete it before going to see the performance, but we can compare and contrast the two once we finish the book. 
Math: Students will begin a unit on fractions. I plan to send practice home to review previously learned skills as well as our current ones. Several students are not completing their homework. Please encourage them to do so. It shouldn't take them more than 30 minutes to complete. 
Social Studies: The focus this week will be the branches of our government. In addition, they should continue to study and learn the 50 states. 

Agenda for week of November 14

Reading: We will read Chapters 14- 18 of Charlotte's web this week. I may assign a chapter to read at home. I would like to finish the book before our Thanksgiving break. We will focus on the parts of the plot of the story and determining the theme of the book. Our grammar focus will be plural nouns. 
Math: Friday we began a new unit in solving word problems. The focus this week will be solving word problems using both division and multiplication. We will dabble in algebraic equations (using a letter to represent the missing factor)
Please continue to work on learning the multiplication facts at home. They should know 2, 5, 10, 11, and we are working on 3s.
Social Studies: Students will be assessed over the Northeastern states on Wednesday. In addition, they will be reading about how the states' borders were determined and about regions in the US. They will be creating another vocabulary foldable with key terms on it. Some work may be done out of class.
Science: Friday is our STEM day. Students will make a Ferris wheel for Fern since she is taking Wilbur to the fair. The Ferris wheel is what she says she is looking forward to. 

Agenda for week of November 6

Reading: We will continue reading the novel Charlotte's Web. This week we will read chapters 10 to 13. Students are creating a lapbook in response to comprehension strategies we are applying to the novel. We are also using a mentor sentence from the novel each week to apply grammar and writing skills. Students are also expected to study, learn and apply vocabulary words taken from the story. These are words I expect them to encounter in other readings.
Math: Students are learning a strategy to add and subtract using place value. They all have a good grasp of writing numbers in expanded form. The idea of the strategy is to add each group of hundreds, tens, and ones. Most seem to prefer the more traditional method of addition. The purpose of these lessons is just to introduce an alternative and build on their understanding of the value of each of the digits in whole numbers. We will move on to lesson 11 after the assessment on Wednesday. Lesson 11 is a focus on solving Word Problems. Students should continue to work on learning their multiplication facts: they should have mastered 2, 5, 10, and 11 facts by now. This week we will begin 3. 
Social Studies: We will focus on learning the 50 states. Students will work on learning one region of the states at a time. They will learn about culture, climate, geography, and some historical facts of each area. 
Our field trip is this week, as well. The students will be able to learn some of the unique history of Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project. In addition, they will participate in a magnet exploration class while we are there. 

Agenda for week of October 30

Reading: We'll continue our novel study of Charlotte's Web. Students are creating a lapbook that allows them to illustrate parts of the book and practice some reading strategies. 
Math: We will complete our work in Lesson 7 Understanding Place Value and Rounding. Students will take an assessment on Wednesday and then we'll begin adding and subtracting three digit numbers. The lesson teaches an alternative strategy using place value and expanded form. They should also be practicing their multiplication facts for 2,5, 10, and 11. 
Social Studies: Students will begin learning the names and locations of the 50 states. They will focus on one region at a time and by winter break they should know all 50 states!
Science: Students will continue their study of living and non-living things with a focus on plant life. They should expect a quiz on Wednesday. 

Agenda for October 22

Reading: Students will continue to build an understanding of parts of speech.
We will continue our reading of Charlotte's Web and creating a lapbook to practice different reading skills. 
Students click on this link to My Quizlet page and work on vocabulary.
Math: This week they'll be building on their understanding of place value using different tools. In the following weeks they'll apply it to addition and multiplication. Students should continue to work on fact fluency. We'll move on to 11 facts this week. 
Science: In Science, they will continue their study of living and non-living things. The focus will be on plants and their structures. 

Agenda for week of October 16

Language: Students should be working on understanding the eight parts of speech. They will learn a simple definition and work all year on identifying what part of speech each word is in a sentence. The purpose is to apply this understanding to their own writing. Each week we'll analyze a well written sentence from our readings. 
Reading: We'll begin a novel study of Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. We'll create a lapbook and apply several reading strategies as we read through the book.
Math: Students will be building an understanding of growth patterns in math. They will work on identifying growth patterns in addition and multiplication. We'll use addition and multiplication charts, 100 number charts, and number lines.
They should continue to work on multiplication fact fluency.
Science: In science, they will categorize living and non-living things. I hope to introduce biotic and abiotic terms to them. In addition, they will create a simple research project that demonstrates the interaction of an animal with its environment. 

Agenda for October 2

Reading: Our reading strategy focus this week will be describing characters in literature. Understanding this literary elements will help students with their comprehension. We will look at the stories with a writer's eye to see ways they can apply these things to their own writing. 
Language: In language, the students will begin to create a notebook of grammar terms to assist in their writing. This week they need to study the parts of speech and each of their functions.
Math: We are still working on fact families in multiplication and division. Each day we'll use different tools such as number lines, multiplication charts, arrays to help find a missing number in an equation. Also, daily we'll practice our fluency with the fact families. We are working on two's, fives, and tens. They should be able to say the answer in 3 seconds or write it in 5 to be fluent. 
Social Studies: The are still focusing on Geography in North America. We have talked about several types of landforms. They need to be able to identify the five major rivers in North America and two mountain ranges. They should have notes in their binder to study.