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Midtown Elementary School

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About Me

My name is Jessica McKinney and I am a fourth grade English Language Arts teacher at Midtown Elementary School. This is my fourth year as a teacher and my first year in Roane County! I grew up in Anderson County, TN but moved here with my family about 3 years ago. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and have 4 beautiful children! We love to spend time together and do anything outdoors. I am so incredibly blessed to be in Roane County Schools and I am excited for this school year. 
Jessica McKinney
4th Grade ELA
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nnouncements/Pledge: 8:12

Morning Dismissal From Gym/Cafeteria: 8:15

Homeroom/Attendance Taken/Lunch Choices Taken/Morning Meeting: 8:15-8:35 (20 Minutes)

Period 1: 8:40-9:55 (80 Minutes)

Period 2: Encore 10:00-10:40 (40 Minutes)

Period 3:  

Period 4: 10:45-12:05 (80 Minutes)

Homeroom/Prepare For Lunch:12 (5 Minutes)

Lunch: 12:15-12:45 (30 Minutes)

Restroom: 12:45-12:50 (5 Minutes) (If Needed)

Period 5: 12:50-2:10 (70 Minutes)

Period 6: Focus 30 Time: 2:10-2:40  (30 Minutes)

Period 7: Recess: 2:40-3:00 (20 Minutes)

Wrap Up/Homeroom: 3:00-3:12 (12 Minutes)

Early Bus Dismissal: 3:12

Car Dismissal: 3:15