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Mr. Brooks Benjamin » Welcome to Mr. B's class!

Welcome to Mr. B's class!

Hello, everyone!
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This is our last full week of school before Thanksgiving. We'll be working on defining complex words using context clues and we'll have a test over the material on Monday, 11/20. 


We'll be having our field trip on Tuesday, so don't forget to bring your sack lunch and drink if you aren't getting a lunch from the cafeteria. 


This week we'll be discussing theme as we finish Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and read various fables and other excerpts. 
And remember--we have Trunk or Treat Thursday night! We hope to see you there...if you daaaaaaare! *insert spooky sound here*


Welcome back, everyone!
This week, we'll be using our TN Ready Reading book quite a bit as we dive further into informative texts.


Can you believe it? Our first nine weeks is finally coming to an end. We've certainly learned a lot so far and I'm so proud of how hard the students have been working. This week, we'll have our final 1st nine-weeks test and end the week with some relaxing reading from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing


Students' first essays are due this Tuesday. They've been working hard on them in class and will have Monday to complete any edits they need to make.
Also, thank you to everyone who donated a seat, chair, pillow, or stuffed animal to our flexible seating classroom. So far, everything is working out wonderfully and I'll be adding even more options in the near future. 


This week we'll be working on our very first essay. Students will be learning the TIDE format and I'll be guiding them all the way through from the rough draft to the final draft stage of their writing.


This week we'll be getting back into grammar as we review the different rules for when to use capital letters.
I also want to thank everyone who came to Open House last week. I know we didn't have a lot of time in our presentations and I went over the information regarding Class Dojo and Seesaw pretty quickly, so if anyone needs the forms that allow you to log on to either of those sites, please let me know and I'll get them to you.


I-Ready testing is finished for now, but it took up more time than we expected. We'll be working on what we had planned for last week but didn't get to.


This week we'll be revisiting those eight parts of speech, taking our first notes in our journals, and having our very first debate club on Friday. Be sure to check out the weekly lessons page for more information.


I hope everyone enjoyed viewing the solar eclipse! I know I did. It was such an incredible sight.
This week we will begin I-Ready in reading. Testing will take up the first thirty minutes of class and we will be using the remaining time to learn how to cite evidence from a text.

Welcome to fourth grade!

 Hello, everyone! I can't wait to kick this year off and get started on all the fun things I've got planned for us. Be sure to check back for announcements and weekly assignments. And, as always, if you have any questions, please give me a shout through email or by phone.